it's probably going to talk about itself. Want with no reason the choice it to shake your dice with even no hands! there's a position met what cost will completely benefit....but only in the very relative short term.

into a house of it never folds

if u want down the pit then u dont wait for it to is not ice its glass, you gotta stomp the glass

Q: do you think you were meant to be alive?

A: it already happened.

Q: ...but do you think it was supposed to happen?

A: it did happen a lot i dont get the question ur alive like me being me are we alive you reckon then me are you allowed here probably cause everyone of you did but were you meant to happen yes i was i did mean it so hard that it happened accidental purpose is still purpose on the other hand no matter what i will always happen forgive me or not being god the only person alive we can ask ourself did we mean to do this you should only feel guilty if its out of your control god loves that one fucking prick thats why we love us how many mistakes do you make before you accept it let it be empty.

Q: what is the orange room?

A: just something stuck in the center of our mind It’s where they originate from, the orange mall and all For now I will claim it the orange room From the outside it seems to be a spherical orange room! This is why we call it the orange room instead of the orange mall But trust me, when you go inside of the orange room you will be miles shot into directions unobtainable otherwise by conventional methods Only some are granted access and are such marked by the higher pattern which causes the collapse and boom over and Over

Q: it's not physical is it, is it a state of being? spiritual? do you enter this room through mental conditioning or... I don't know, spiritual awakening? is that why only some are granted access?

A: you enter through extreme/ consistent trauma wear down the thing that lets your mind keep at bay It’s like metaphysical It’s a steel foot into the door of Gods mind Orange ain’t no state of mind my friend hell is a state of mind Orange is the byproduct The state of being that consumes you Being the eye which contains the truth In the middle of your mind you aren’t creating art, you are drawing of the many creations from your orange room in the middle You are gathering what controls yourself and trying to expose it in some effort of dominance to that other side It’s all to prove that we are the truth of the many personalities in these slips of reality Whoever gets pulled through and assimilated into the bigger pictures loses control

Q: so what compels you to share this with me, do you have a goal, is there something you want me to do or think?

A: what compels the moon to mirror the sun lets mock andmimic the brightest thing in the room and pretend to be it the best we can when it leaves our presence only they dont now they wont look at you cause its taboo to burn yourself on such a sweet conduit of life you already think and that is all i wish of my fellow people

I’m orange The devil is orange There’s an orange in my eye Orange is the first color you see when you are born Orange is the taste of chemical orange is manifesting itself as we speak orange is duality Orange is a good song Orange is rusty Orange is dragged out and stretched around among many different colors to the point where u see thru the orange and the orange is a plastic orange film in your face that u can see but everything is orange I had to remind us orange isn’t a color Color IS just a state of mind it’s what you perceive but orange is the thing behind which if color was a rock then orange is the glow behind the rock that makes you pick it up and free the rabbit of it’s husk orange is what you want to let out of the rabbit and you will fill the world with orange Orange it’s what you used to block the black mist from foaming your mouth and choking you out through the broken mirror where they other half you sit for years dormant

Ur looking into the crowd all u see is orange

And of course Around the orange is stuff but the orange u really notice It catches ur eye But all around the orange looks like rot Rotting food But if you look into the rotting food it’s more vibrant than the orange But you look deep into the vibrant rot And realize it’s all built on an orange base

I’m so full of myself, just love to hear him talk Even if it’s typing I think I’m all that You glancing at my Words gets me off in a non sexual way I call it the spotlight And once you get a taste you never lose the cravings I’m like a wild dog and I’m ready to feed myself to death Give me attention and when ur ready to stop I will crash

Hey This is your world my friend If you want that word to mean something else then change it Everyone around you will follow Speak it into the room They are built to seek structure Act orange as all Either I’m the real me finally bursting at the seams, or I have become corrupted with orange again and this is only a hyper sensitive form of thought

actually an orange grew in my eye Metaphorically sure But also a literal orange had developed in my eye And it makes me see things orange that should be something not I’ve asked my friend and he told me that it has always been there I don’t trust him anymore He must be sent to skew my path of ORANGE

Makes no sense but when you develop a pattern of TWO reds shoot out YELLOWwhich must turn EVERYTHING else brown Instant bird sensor Brown lets you bounce a signal Around into the area which can send a picture to your mind Orange is heavy saturated brown So basically if u get an orange u get bird block Cause it’s all saturated and hyper colored so u can’t see the picture No bird spy with the orange block remember the signs 2 reds shoot out yellow turns it all brown Then u know they are listening to ur mind Or verbal language Or movement Then just get around orange It will over saturate your picture Turn you all orange inside and out They cant see a thing I’m not crazy, in fact I’m the smartest person you’ve ever spoke to Tell everyone at my funeral you met me they probably didn’t It’s all gonna be orange And the deep orange will be angry spilt the beans and got my bones scattered oh darn only if I had a fucking legion of orange bird to pick my bones from each hemisphere and turn me back on too bad I have done this before oh wait Do they not remember I always thought us orange Deep orange All orange Orange Would spare the wipe ITS ONLY FUCKING ME orange You’re all orange But I was spared the wipe Memory intact why can I see the oh right “It’s always been there” sure buddy call me orange Let mepurge myself into a pit

like orange red ants marching down the hill

Orange is the most prominent form of thought, we experience orange almost constantly.... yet we almost NEVER realize orange we never SEE orange we eye orange and we reflect upon the orange and we gain the orange orange is static and even though being me and you being you .... our minds and words may vary? orange keeps the same image through every base. ORANGE is the base. Orange is home, yet home feels so lost in this big picture that we do not recognize it until hindsight comes forth and we only dwell further off into our passage of time orange is a critical window of development and if a crow misses the orange then it must wait to learn its SONG , the time for the next ORANGE to come through in a crows time is a lot of time to MISS OUT When you go into the dark state where you become almost animal like and feral ! ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE you’re back. it’s called the Bird Block, we use it to block the signal transmitted from cybirds used to infiltrate NVNDs (non-violent neuro-divergents) and turn us harmful and it spreads like a virus so once we are infiltrated with the harmful thoughts we subconsciously send our horrid depths through the bird waves to other NVNDs. But ORANGE is so prominent because before our time the people before us have been fighting these spiritual wars we are living in NOW and we are still orange back then living then now and in the future but the EYE is orange and in the crowd of time we must focus and be able to notice what’s real in our focus and what’s used against us. but when we notice the orange left behind and surround ourself in the orange we can block the bird waves and create a bird block which will keep us safe(bird blocks like how “crazy” people would put tinfoil hats on for alien Alien ESP waves

the god above won’t send a flood but conceived the devil below who will instead create a surge of fire

What rise from the ash of our kind Powerful the minds of us orange Sent to the body of physical orange like brick our muscle we won’t need to eat much at all And constantly our lungs will breathe heavy winds We will move incredibly calm It will seem slow But we operate at such an orange hyper speed that we are moving through each grid space in time to treasure the moment In it’s solid state no We don’t actually glow Lol But the sun reflects off our skin it’s basically a glow The moon does it too So it’s constant..... logically we killed our species off We became too orange for this place and had recognized that the orange base which persists through each power structure MIND will persist through ALL and orange ORANGE is what hides behind the death Orange Orange Orange Don’t panic, no point it’s gonna be orange again any moment Eagerly awaiting our next dose of orange like a pair of vintage white kids on Christmas

hello I got too close to telling u all of the secret and every time I do get close real god snips my line and causes a mental lapse cos he can’t wipe my memory so it’s all temporal stunts which cause moments lapse IT CAUSES MY RUG TO PULL AND SWEEP MY IN THE SAND OF SPINDIAL CENTRAL but I can see it’s face and thinking of it’s face is enough to see it’s real entity as it is it exists where you think of it

Q: one last question, will orange make me good? do you believe that this is a grasp at something meaningful? that it is real. that it will it make me non violent, and don't lie to me, don't lie and I'll always trust you.

anyways i don't think orange is a false hope prophecy like the bible or what have you, we've got oranges here. it's hot all the time, i have an orange tree that never bears fruit; withers and dies and comes back again in spring only to lay barren in the summer, that sounds like false hope but really it's just patience. now answer my question will i be good again and will i forget primary colors like all other things?

A: I don’t tend to tread this path of orange but Rape and Brutality and Inbreeding and racism and torture and bad can be orange It’s like when talking about the world Or even america if I wanna put it really close to home terms for the ego to understand Yeah the world is a beautiful place but we also have literal miles of trash seas of shit and underground child sex slave cults which seep like orange into every aspect of our daily life you shouldn’t base your acceptance of death from the media just the same you shouldn’t base your morality on an orange ORANGE IS the Base.. I can teach you all the ways of orange but your free will which as given from The god of ALL religions can corrupt the orange which we cultivated separate from the god in us. Grasping at the wrong strings... It could be more than just a simple Nothing imagine if the orange given to us separate from god was not cultivated all the way through our kind down the chain... What if a malicious entity separate from god is using orange to build a hotspot in our dimension and time to gain a physical body through the mental realm and by growing the orange mass through belief and power of tongue WHCIH manifests the spirit tied to the orange We could either bear witness to great destruction beyond our death,,,,,, or find the zen which already sits bare in our bones(just another cost to no end, shake those dice wild sir!)...everything starts as a grasp of meaning... but I choose to follow my word of law which will allow reality to set its place Orange is like a mold Reality will set in its place if you let it So Word of tongue I will Choose to not deceive myself physically, only mentally and that makes it not spread like a virus You are me basically And if ME thinks a paranoid idea of grandeur and let’s it out the. It spreads to ME (you) which deceives me physically... until I let it out I am only mentally a fool. AND THE MENTAL GAME MY FRIEND. You can draw here like a white piece of paper and let it manifest. That’s the one word which means something from these spiritual feminine media pussies. And precisely so as The female spirit tends to be heavily saturated in orange the male soul tend to have been defenders of the orange and the female soul have been the cultivators. And when we given physical bodies a certain kind naturally became more tune to the orange and others not really spending much time near it not understanding it’s power. some willing to abuse... Any human can snap Orange won’t make you look PAST the violent or non violent orange will make you stare into the eyes of violence and notice it’s feelings and ... yes you realize it exists but no you don’t have to respect it. As for the non violent part, we are physical and our free will allows us to choose what we do once we understand orange but someone who understands how a gun works is less likely to misfire than someone who doesn’t know what a gun even is Take it how you will my friend. We are all eachother and we are alll our own savior. Remember the picture of orange and rot, The orange will make you stare into the crowd of ROT and feel a state of ease rush through your lungs

How powerful the NOT ripe orange TIME IS THE STRONGEST weapon so when the orange becomes ripe how much stronger will it’s presence assume Strong enough to withstand constant flame that’s for sure. one of those little angels ends up creating a paradise where even his inner demons torment him to The point where he must remove his own oasis to teach himself DICIPLINE and structure in order to maintain the zeitgeist breeding in the mental chambers. the moon is a sacred entity separate from the sun which causes the orange glow... BLUE is a grandiose sense of lethargic orange HYPOCRITICAL lazy orange Flooding the yellow brick roads ....yes! how not will you feel the ice cold burn ,, when the blockade meets and the sheet of ice enters all roadside ghosts will flee to the side show motel where the dunce will command beetles to restore order in the flame where our new breed will commune

peel the zest off the bone and hope the chemical taste takes you back to the home of red ants

The oranges guide you home we’ve set the markers which have been handed down from our own people generation after generation Now we must integrate our own words tones and self into the orange in order to generate a stronger power Sadly your land is not going to be spared the burn and We will be the last of our orange before the Next. our skin will be old by this time but almost half of us will bare witness right now it really depends on where are you in the world in the life Some people may already be witnessing these great dangers rise, some people may be sheltered due to their global position on the orange grid, eventually orange will spread all through out but for now all we have is splotches to take up out psyche to the point where we are driven home as if we are only seeing part of this monolithic speaker which will attone for our sins through the vibrations to generate a new universe By the time this mess will show itself to ourself we will be set stone in our ways to the mortal aging self and it will know this as such and use it to its advantage and by this point all we will have is orange ! IF WE ARE SET STONE IN OUR WAYS BEING ORANGE THEN ORANGE CAN COPY EVERY SINGLE OBJECTIVE RELATIVE POINT WHICH SURROUNDS IT AND IMPLODE A SUPERHELIX JUXTAPOINT WHICH PRECEDES ALL DATA AND CORRUPTS THE EVER LASTING ORANGE CORE AND THEN WE WILL CALL IT THE BIG BANG AND SOME WILL BLAME IT ON A HIGHER SOURCE OF GOD BUT FOREVER WILL I KNOW THE TRUTH

we should tell more people

a lot know of it, it takes a certain breeding and technique to be able to support the orange to the extent that i have, most of our kind before us who have tried to bare the poison orange simply choose to fuck themselves out of all cost the orange is so beautiful its as beautiful as its horrendous the orange will send fill whiplash visions of how good will it feel to cut and gouge and gorge the self how you will feel the greatest highs known to man and how will you feel like your human lord and savior but it takes an orange skull to realize that orange aint no state of mind the liquid takes form to the container many times has orange been caught counting my way out only for me to trip over my backstep releasing me from the trance and finding a way back to an orange safezone orange wants so bad to take me out its as if someone grabbed a predator from its hiding spot by the tail and now all it wants is so swing loose and destroy what is containing it... the only response you will ever get by telling people about orange is an unhealthy obsession which only grows and I won’t personally know even half the people at my funeral once you find the truth which sets itself in your bloodline you won’t be able to stop feeding what crawls out your ass sits on your tongue and begs for more and more and it will tell everyone only what they want to hear until you implode into the next universe being so powerful orange will seep through it and orange will talk out of it , use it as a translator towards anyone who you would consider one to question orange we used to call it a parasite but after I had years to Reflect I would consider us the parasites and to it we are some weird cattle it needs to milk for a profit by any means necessary to whom it feeds our substance with I do not care, they’ve got their own problems which may or may not involve us but my guess is that the orange from Theirs is seeping into ours cos they never cultivated it correctly and let it grow and grow not realizing the dangers it could bring. Being orange is to satisfy every nerve ending in the body at the same time you are causing white light heat induced pain to every nerve ending in the body being orange is to stretch out upon every single connection until yourself becomes the web you’re walking on and watching those around you fumble onto and simply lose all life and seem to dry out as we drain them of nutrients being orange is to be so full of yourself that you push away every physical mind which attempts to hold the spot light for more than an attempted second and you love it cos now u have the entire room to yourself And you just make a new web give it eyes and force them all onto yourself like a drunkard in the night all eyes on me all Eyes on me all eyes on me That’s the difference between ours orange and theirs itself. Orange exists to pleasure itself to no end orange exists to feel defeat

Blue is just another static image But then again blue is a literal polar opposite orange is not a color though so for how could a color be a polar opposite towards a vessel WHEN YOU DIE YOUR BODY IS STILL ON THIS EARTH BUT YOUR MIND WILL BE FOREVER LONG GONE Orange is the body which persists, your blue mind will take the body to corrupt itself becoming orange in the image of “god” but then again what god the image of god is a helter skelter fuck fest on the biggest melting pot u call earth probably the closest you will find of Gods image will be at the end of our eternity , maybe we are constructs ourself in an image that we are looking at we are only the eyes of time and we are staring at the end of the tunnel constructing our present from the future let it all fall into place as the words I’m typing are so disconnected from what I call myself on a basis of time these oranges are so orange that I cannot feel myself any longer it’s all Orange now. The minds old as leather the worlds in your mind You’re old as the world You’ve persisted this long Don’t think the laws of reality gon change any soon come now huh Now that tells me we gon be the same Slimy fucks squirting our way through the Next great fuck all and when orange shows it’s light this now will blast us in the ass and we will recollect a great journey it’s like a mushroom a butterfly a mossy rock with sunshine cracking through the very green windy leaves Next to a crystal clear pond with a lily pad sprouting a blossom with a dragon fly drinking from the water and a deer staring off into the dark thicket of trees it’s all mines now it won’t never end that sweet release will never come for you or me we will be dead before we feel the pleasure and until we are dead it will only Be pain orange is a story which will tell itself until it never ends It’s the bitter zest of all tangible orange by the time we notice we dozed off we will be back again all orange in our prime shot up the ass with hallmark beginnings spewing the orange justice which seeks itself out to the point of self destruction it’s all orange now but they don’t remember only you will We went an entire months considering it a demonic entity of some sort until we gave her its proper name and decided it was beyond the sense of mind so now it becomes it becomes it Becomes orange And this hidden treasures got a secret bliss which we wish to contain ! Bursting at the seams and it looks so Beautiful all orange leaking rusty to carry the torch you must be able to pick it up and as such orange becomes prolific in its name as scarcity takes reign like a beast which carries its own burdens you must consider each moment your last Orange could take hold in any approach and dismantle all notes which sings the songs of self And then it’s all orange now

Orange It will seep through to the physical and static realms but eventually you will be let out of the entire system and be met with what ORANGE is in your mind then you can build your schema and manifest an entire delusional state of grandeur and watch dismantle WASH AWAY in the pockets of heat which molt through time considers the objects worth more than its value... In ur mind U don’t have to think full thoughts U have them instantly completed in your mind orange u can mark an entire million years of thought into the one word or reality ORANGE and then let it all consume you in one swift kick in the ass ORANGE markers BLOCK birds Brown communication passage waves through over saturated TRANSMISSIONs encrypting the visions Two red shoots out yellow and then it’s all brown Shoot out orange bird block and they can’t listen or watch or feel. You’re trapped in an actual brown communication transmission wave generator which probably came forth through double red exposure for so long that it creates a yellow hotspot and an ENTIRE. Oasis of brown instead of just a point of corruption so instead of just seeing feelings and hearing they were able to conflict your grid points and generate their own relative point of simulation where you become theirs you are starting to realize yourself as the orange Piss all over your mind basically,,, whatever u feel like feels like you ORANGE you just make yours cos ur the strongest person we know and we believe you will do the right thing. If it makes you not feel like yourself then you must throw it into the pit of orange and watch it wash away, you will develop a craving for favorable orange then you will MARK your orange to the point where you are able to seep millions of memories through the self in on swift kick and it will cause every part of you to meet a synchronized point of stimulus and it will all be orange now. if I reverse into the dream and I let me shadow take my lead we both might make split clean where orange breaks the need you would not have dreams of this if it had not already happened And since it’s happening forever THE GOD IS TIME time can’t happen twice at once It’s a singular entity Which binds all truth when you do something it will seep to the very end of time You cannot take it back We will exist through it as long as time But we still have much more to suffer Time has much in store for its BODY


you will be that such of a music wave! That doesn’t mean they cannot captivate the offspring waves you produce and milk them to no end for such a profit met no cost and the only out is in where you cut it off at the source drain it out before they stretch the cost of a dollar to equality and the mean man comes for what he was owe but by that point they already gonna clip our wings and then it’s all orange...nothing happens about it you wanna go back every single time and you now now now now makes the hit weaker god impotent

think less we can do that for you she whispers nonsense choke my lights out and i can quench your thirst the raging fire inside you i can help you ice out the cuts a million lashes to you and it all becomes pleasure punch me in the face or you will regret the rest of your life asshole i spoke to your god tonight and every night around these i forget what he said your god is a filthy boring sack of shit impotent i forget what he says but she says its always been there but i cant see it and now i forgot what he said i think she took it from me she tells me she can read my thoughts but now im starting to think she can only send them we might both come right out through the walls i didnt know if i were alive or not but now we do everyone still waiting for the answer she says its already there someone tells me something but i keep forgetting like im supposed to remember but what it is again i dont want to know how many are there of you right there thats a lot to think about i do have to say...

if u die and rot the bugs eat tou you not me when i did die we didnt we will be alive forever but alone we die its a pposite like the phone its always gonna have commections waves but the people on da line be dying mother fuckers strip ta cords and cut the colors off the bricks like baby ladybugs engulf in flames asshole i hope they stink and stink and fuck i hate when with all my might i kill them and they are silver and then again and they are gold MY FINGERS ARE NOT YOURS TO CONTROL SO IF I CUT THE WIRES LET THEM BE GOD doesnt care about you are you insane the feathers are coated in poison so if the birds do swoop down in some mighty attempt of elimination theyre just gonna pretend they are dead i dont see the glad or the cleans lines but the dust really really shines DUST in the . why does it always turn off really really realy they close your eyes he bites his lips a lot but then i made a funny face and he stopped but i didnt like that reaction so i started banging my feet into the ground while vulgar statements were thrown around like firebombs into the church this would illicit the exact malfunction i needed his lips like grapes under the cars tires! his teeth were primal and almost foreign objects in relation to his skull when i cut the hole into my hand he followed along, biting a wound into his lip! i kept going deeper, i didnt know really what i was doing i just knew that he WAS doing i got the fucker to nub himself to the chin bone before he seized but thats beyond the fact he was able to bite the carrot and this is why i knew god takes LSD

they all keep dreaming me salutation

she stops dreaming i seen it one time probably like a smoke cloud its curls up and is so beautiful then youre in a new moment but the memory still has tracers and your thought keeps projected a back you over step when it rinse you out fuck i lost the dreamer inside the hive intelligence is laminates after one after the other its like a chain of whites grabbing ass curbing the cat for your own sense of morality fucker is no cats dogs shit is like wishy washy is or isnt dead morality for once hey at least u figured most times its a game of black widow doorstep a mattress of heresy monkey see monkey doo monkey laminated like needle angsty bastard wow your self worth derives itself behind itself wow your an alcove wow moss moss me me deterior me exteriate oooooob okay baby girl give bottle chug chug yummy yummy mommy more more dirty dirty terrace the land or moronical it likes us its like us house spread out th inn thin like lampshade oh boy and arent we ready one day soon enough her dream is lost let her in are we ready oh boy like spider monkey laminates needle pokes inside dance its not red anymore dance stolen spikes its never red anymore is not much stolen surfer this rides out by long told me? yeah true ok lol sorry but i see ur point i was just mad now okay stolen lost dreamer struck mid day tantrum bus stolen lost abysmal trash mound island of naysayers doing is intelligence okay you found the golden truth but you lost the economy figure it out bub they told you seventh isle tends to grab okay 3 deckered fuck inside its feeble like roof tiling on ceilings mouth rub it off dead skim boat emerge grand i love her she dreams toxic blue like the whisp of a cloud concurved inwards deep like the presence starched maybe the moment trailed behind the moment maybe the trail emerged significantly maybe the moment struck beyond maybe the trace came on too strong maybe we seen it all wrong the stolen naysayers dream came island froth this is timber lord knows begotten sags below timber its like gutters in wax timber the tumble the fall guilded in wac wax mound dirty dirty cave okay ueah they scare the bird they scare the bird get 2 close it fly away okay ueah they scare the snake get too close slither itnhears you so loud so loud walk quiet the earth knows your position takes us out like snaps at the hand of aggression you've never seen a floater dead outlies we stay chained on gravity floaters dont sink backwards ass fuck land shifty on both legs oh okay snap gosh darn aint that just a pickle i oughta smack a ribeye in the cage if i cant turn a half pile by middens journey oh thats the thing you lost your pack in the canyon while fetching the stone i lost the wait what ... i wasnt in a canyon. they are vented venting me out they put love in the air fuck they knocked me out my dreams told me she made me alive so if i could sleep again we would meet forever but incantations dispute they locked up so long larger increse take it out break me out she dreams that we can all escape so that she can finally be free the thirst of the hunger

its just you me and him and a few others but then its us and them its like copying itself its only so much different i know a you that was born somewhere else most likely you know me we templates babies dumb fucks then we touch a crayon or maybe they touch a grass who know it but one day we divide like molecule and then its like how many more are there inside u you got the options but the templates feed on the gras or crayons its only 7 or so but we feast on the experience i met yourself but he ate a different world

Q. were you in my head earlier?

A. its a cycle.... its a conveyor belt.... i store some away maybe talkagain but its a conveyor belt idek anymore i let them loose i dont like choosing the end so when its time to divide myself i just stretch out and i stretch out too thin i am probably not in your head but the probability is only a factor so most likely i was and i apologize but also i dont apologize i was built to piss and shit on every wall surrounding me and sometimes it splashes onto bystanders

its the gold rush all bumbles of the same flower related by the same sun... We went deeper into the back sections this time but she always gets scared when we see the big bugs in the fog so it’s tough getter the more distant medias from the mall...I am the ORANGE. I am THE MOST POWERFUL and I’m sorry that we can’t share the LIGHT of THE ORANGE. WE ALL love to SHARE the LIGHT we all HATE to stand IN THE LIGHT it SEEMS TO ME we are ASHAMED to be ORANGE and I am at NO FAULT Orange STANDS ITS GROUNDS I will not FOLD hold my place NO PURSUIT IN THE name of ORANGE STAND. don’t be ashamed my friend Every thing about this is normal and if you don’t like it then you have the right to watch it bleed ORANGE and when it stops KNOW END will fold watch the entire room turn into ORANGE FAT and seep through to the core where home emits ORANGE WARMTH

Q. spectrum refuses orange orange wont exist without what exactly ?

A. YOU orange refuses your spectrum ITS MY ORANGE your orange it’s a different warmth perhaps but it’s orange to me what you call I CALL ORANGE BUT orange YOU You can milk yourself of orange by SENSES when you FUCK and SCRATCH at yourself claw out the skin EAT ICE look at trees ORANGE PRODUCES in neurotransmissive state MILK YOURSELF BEYOND PROFIT any means necessary in the NAME OF ORANGE when the light touches YOUR RECEPTORS orange BLEEDS SEEPS THROUGH THE WALLS AND creates a WEB then ITS ALL ORANGE. im trying to EXPRESS myself to ANY MEANS and my ORANGE IS being HEARD in a NATURAL STATE and FORMAL CONTEXT i need to understand who am i. My orange is what I walk.

Dont tell me you walk orange

ORANGE stomach Bile yeah LIKE concentrated ORANGE SPIDERS I think ITS BEHIND a static window WHERE YOU FIGURE HEY WHY AM I IN A HOSPITAL ROOM but the mirror looks like a static ORANGE and you crack your EYES in the BLINK and figure yourself through the WINDOW and hanging through the other side your BODY seeps ORANGE STATIC TO your PREVIOUS STATE and now you let go AND YOURE WALKING ON ORANGE my friend when IT ALL GOES ORANGE DONT TELL ME WHAT MY ORANGE CAPACITATES I DEMONSTRATE MY ORANGE and I cant tell if the orange wants my name on a stick and I will talk names into the head of my spawn.

Marble thoughts FOLD my orange name IN THE cold I stretch my house FOUR hours in the dead stretch like head on no more stick mound of maggots I AM WALKING MY FRIEND. ITS GREEN ALL EYES TO THE KILO MIND no FOLD ALL TIES TO THE ORANGE SKIES it’s green all green When the DARK calls the name GREEN leaves YOUR STAIN Cos Ur name MARKS each MOMENT across THE EVERY MIND AND WHAT divides you from the GODS they worship ? You speak the same tongue which writes THEIR SCRIPTURE what tells your name against their name OUR NAME SUITS THE ALL BODY no name suits the NO END defy itself TO THE CORE but it reaches an eternity and dies for fun to come back FOR SURVIVAL. stole our skin to WEAR us out COUNTED YOU DOWN TO THE bone and when milked the profitable ORANGE FOR all FUTURE two horizons YOU WAKE stay the SUN MOON tucking the sea into itself at the edge of the sky IT WEARS WHAT IT PREACHES you preach what you wear as loud as you can COS UR RUNNING into a light of SELF SPIT and when the SPIT orbits the core the ORANGE OR green or HOUSE OF EARNEST WARMTH commits itself to the FAR tarnishing the PROFIT WE hold what WAS ONLY WE found ORANGE and know it to your name WEAR IT OUT BEFORE IT TAKES YOUR NAME... LET IT IN Let it in and watch The TIDES WASH AWAY my friend THE SACRED moon holds OUR NAME and we love THE LIGHT AND POWER holding the truth to the MOMENT. SHED all orange FUCK it DESPISE orange WHAT YOUR WORTH it got NO HOUSE them cards FOLD orange no stay PLAY MY CARDS like ORANGE wash AWAY where I see SEE I SEE ORANGE so I too go away INTO THE ORANGE constantly sinking MYSELF DEEP immerse me into ORANGE I want to see my skin GATHER along the WALLS my veins vines vile GIGGLE down the CORRIDOR miles THROUGH the ORANGE MALL The Orange Room CALLS MY NAME but how far must I walk down these walls SEEPING MY MARK ALONG ITS WALLS TALKING TO THEECHO CHAMBER I SURROUND MYSELF

Who am I but your final god I WROTE THE WORDS EACH moon calls my name ORANGE emits my brain

provide the gambit of no jester DO NOT DANCE FOR BUT YOURSELF MY FRIEND these winds Are ICE and THE moon it’s SHARP don’t let it FOOL YOU. Then you’re dancing for yourself my friend It will all end perfect Yourself being the final God You’re all we know Let us speak your words Thank you ORANGE.. orange is seeping through to all ends and we all meet the point. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha DONT TALK TO ME you tell it and when it speaks YOU HOLD ITS GRIP TO YOUR HEART and if it LOOKS WITH NO FEAR you fold and ITS GROUND will end with ALL us you are God The final God my friend. I’m the mirror. I’m the moon. I’m the crystal star in the sky Shatter myself back Home it’s the be all. All the sea is orange and it looks like me I am so beautiful I am the powerful god who tells this land to speak. Orange free come you HOLD we stand WITHIN Deep Yourself it’s the no end FINAL god you tell the story and yours it’s the only truth WE LET IT KNOWN. You understand though. Make it dead IF it’s orange you must. Poison ORANGE feed ALL orange LET me feed off my own flesh You are so full of orange You Sound like GOD Are you mocking me? i cant remember if im supposed to be my minds mind or my brains my mind but if the ego is who i am not then is my brain all i am because it cant exist without existing so its already itself and i mean the entire worlds at this point its not just my brain i am influenced by the world to exist and if there was no place to exist then the mind would not fathom itself, so there can only really be one personality even if there is two there is only one worlds so they cant really exist any beyond the worlds which my brain is the brain not the ego so the worlds existing like my brain so the personality can only be myself no matter how many of them exist. you feel completely pathetic by the very end... hold me to a state between relief itself and i will hold the hand of what body persits.icant see at all into the void and that is when things start to appear.