voices like water torture

what stops to grow eventually goes stale, mocks the gold. form in the sparks what spot emits no orange the state begins at the scalp. fixed to the image of grace, self reliance complies to basic impulse. it will continue to repeat the name to the very end. Abrupt comes your peace and eternity sets like stones cast down the hatch. stutter figures by the measure mistaken births new form to truth. the common echo replacing itself even in the chamber relocating the means by what cost. for the cause to pierce the picture before too much damage will occur. flat out despise the self what contains the spur, fixed on the moment before it all washed away. directly into the eye, repeat the name until it glows, Orange.

can not feel my skin or body currently

first off, you are a crazy person if you think other people are listening.

Only one person is able to recognize the truth and that person is the self. there is no will behind the person who claims to be, the truth is in the bulk. there is a fish inside the puddle. One comes walking down the street holding a bucket of oranges seeping in river water, frantic in a hurry; the man walking down the street is late for work! the chains what ride the works divide into the market provides the fuss to those who speak into the bubble. Sort of by principal will the dodge inflict contact, distortion bares the mans flood once inherit likeness strips immediate bias told the stories directly into self. laying by the disruption intake vast puddle sullied penny pond of orange direct, what seeps into all self inflicted by the story where the puddle sits. folds into the heart of the fish from the once puddle. kind of like a certain projection what tells the story of self into the bubble. Make sure you direct contact beyond the heaping static what folds the sitting self, behind the nothing what claims the bulk tells greater imitations than the repeating patterns guided by illution. strikes the moment hindsight to time like thin butter. where it cast the story does know, but to tell itself from the other is no truth. when to mention a faith blind as this, within doubt we feed the pig. guides the prospect into flames no detail for the mistakes.

eventually dance with the walls, bid yours and walk it off

talk your self into a slow slur beyond the moment. collect the brief descriptions disperse the concept across the walls. let the orange brine seep into the wallpaper creating a mold cast, home. let it all wash away the instant gratification

bouncing off the walls

and it all became mechanical. the mind that guides the body to judge the cards and delt the name what strays from the deck. from eventually expanding proves itself going into all directions. and it kept repeating itself until the truth set stone. by the stone cast the time told the truths bare faith to the blind eye what casts the stone only goes deaf to the ripple what spikes the wave and if it strike be it orange. bellows in the mind of stories told where the self states over and over again until the sense made grows. a mold cast to orange bound sacred stone. it reiterated the lines to the mechanical formula in attempt to sway its judgement. very apathetic, the movements what guide the mind. to the movements comes the mind, what guide the movements. strike the formula. bail the figment where the final chord clicks. snap into itself the line, live it up into the dirt. consume the presence it sits in. and it all lost focus to the strive. one swift motion directs all cause, one snippet too thin to secure. bend yonder for the surge to spike. spare its truth to the bent pleasures where ever the land sits the shadow decks its stay, fail to figment the stray, where the cost fix the position without demand results from neglect. shot out heavy demand concerncs the token to appreciate, bails the supply what sails the ships to story told. all before it can be told.

strapped to a corner turning the angles to curves

bombard the shrug behind the mask minced orange to shrapnel, free the tired touch. beknownst to the crude nature cries a shaft splay out. which means divides concern and out of the hole comes crawling mass. by a source to tell itself must figure the dirt to the stone and cast finality into the heart. what orange splits the might strike fear into the heart of dirt, yet must courage to thee of stone. and until the bribery faults our mighty growth will the starch continue to froth like eggs to a grinder. bogard yow common twists sow demands to the cost of depletion bare be it boiling blood or bone. seeps through the froth what commands structure to fold and strips all cost fron the medium, plenty of sold to the supplies righteous constant. organic to a dismal rage from the rights by mode. for set the story must stray ambiguous motion leech brevity, deranged galavanting to the prospect indefinite. folds to the hearts first wish by the medium it has not sold, but still sits the stay in the shadow what holds the stray. figure the medium mitigates the fold, yet the formula masks the marks what guide the flood. figure the abominable direct, figure the means by the width to convert any fold, exist in the fold. froth by a means to a home, discern the disease with great intent where the flowers shall stall and the bubbles result comb over the shell. sits on the shelf what discovers true momentum, figures the static worth more than the program. bound by the medium, consult the picture for further reference.